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Just over a week ago, before my speaking engagement in New York, I had the chance to see a good friend of mine present the Advent Conspiracy to his church. Wait–did I just say “church” and Advent “Conspiracy?” Yes, I did. Keep on reading, even if you are one of my many non-Christian readers. And […]
Well, we all survived the rapture and had quite a week. Before I get to the blogs from this week, I wanted to to highlight an important cause. Last Sunday, the people of Joplin, Missouri saw their community devastated by a tornado. I encourage any and all to consider donating to the American Red Cross […]
So this could be the last edition of Friday Finish (well, if the rapture takes place this weekend and I’m along for the ride). I tend to think we’ve got several more editions coming our way. I know that this is a busy time of year, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you […]
Yes, it’s true. I finally made an internet cat video. Sure there are a few funny cat moments for all those cat lovers out there, but mainly just one quick thought about how we approach new opportunities and relationships. Enjoy (and please share)
Here is the fourth installment of Friday Finish, a new post for my blog highlighting my posts for the week and some other great blog entries by other authors. Videos finally returned this week! Thank you for your patience! Posts by Patrick Toolbox: The Launch This Train is Bound for Glory Consider This:: 006 Toilet […]
So I’m looking through links today and I came across this absolute gem of a video. It’s another cute baby laughing video, but the description caught my eye. The dad had received a rejection letter for a job application and took that moment to take that rejection and find a positive spin on it. By […]
Late last night I received a text from my older brother to check out this band called Atomic Tom. He also let me know he posted their recent video on his facebook profile. The video consists of the band sitting on a NYC subway and playing their entire song on iPhone apps. You can watch […]
There’s a great viral video floating around the internet. It focuses on the birthday surprise for a bus driver in Copenhagen. You can watch it here: I don’t understand a single word in the video, but you can tell there is great meaning in it. I had watched the video several times before I started […]
Today was my first real day home in over a week. I spent the day running a bunch of errands, driving my car from place to place, listening to the radio along the way. On the return leg to my house, one of my favorite songs from 2008 came on: Flobots Handlebars I’ve included the […]
Here is the latest video of the Consider This series
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