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I have a bin in my apartment containing a random assortment of item: old photos, newspaper articles, thank you notes, the polo from my campus tour guide organization, and apparently some trophies. Today while¬†looking for some things from the bin that I may use in a future presentation, I stumbled upon this trophy. I didn’t […]
I’ve been spending a bunch of time over the past few days setting some new goals. I tend to do things like this twice a year–in January when everyone does New Year’s Resolutions and sometime during September when I get a quick lull in my speaking schedule. I’ve got the standard physical/fitness/weight loss goals. I’ve […]
Okay, a little honesty to begin the week. I’m not happy with the way I currently look. No, this isn’t going to be some sob story blog entry. I’m just not satisfied with my current physical appearance. My time on the road, my love of some of some of the local San Diego restaurants, and […]
So I’m starting again. The past month has been fun. I got married. I went on a mini-moon to Napa with my wife. I ate whatever I wanted and slept in. I was lazy around the house. It’s been nice. But I’m starting again. I need to return to regular work. I need to return […]
So you saw it too, right? 34 minutes of a blackout. Yep. 34 minutes. As every sports story mentioned today, it looked as if it was (almost) exactly what the 49ers needed. As a childhood fan, it was exciting to see them almost come back from the brink like they had done so many times […]
So I’ve been really sleepy over the past few days. I once again had a wonderful time at the Sundance Film Festival, but as great as that experience is each year, it drains me of energy. Yesterday, I worked out with my personal trainer (trying to lose weight before the wedding), and I could just […]
Okay, so I needed to use the airplane lavatory. Yes, this story begins in a bathroom. And then I saw this sign:
So I got back on my bike today. Perhaps, I should back up a bit. When I moved to San Diego, I sold my car. Since I live in downtown, I don’t really need to drive around that much to get what I need, and I tend to fly to most speaking engagements and rent […]
I missed the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last night. I was traveling to my speaking engagement today and wasn’t able to get in front of a TV set in time, but I did love reading about them. Sounds like it was the best closing ceremonies to date. And now we have today… …and the […]
Okay, so I’ve caught Olympic fever–or at least an Olympic cold : ) We’re a few days in and it is my background noise. I even discovered that the local cable company added an Olympic spotlight station where I can watch all 6 channels of coverage at the same time. Olympic overstimulation, but quite fun. […]