My favorite part of Patrick's message involves the metaphors that he uses. Patrick has a unique way of drawing comparisons that seem unlikely but totally make sense. This originality is part of what makes him such a remarkable speaker. When you hire Patrick you are not getting the same old same old; you are hiring a speaker with energy, originality, and creativity.
Melanie Lindsey
Activities Director Foothill Technology High School
Patrick Maurer’s presentations are engaging and entertaining and make you think because that is just who he is. Patrick is excited about learning and sharing and helping others grow. He has a dynamic personality and is able to hook the group with a funny tale then lead them on a journey that inspires and challenges them. This happens with 20 teachers at a training, 100 high school students at a workshop or a general session of 1000+ middle school students.
Sandy Ginger
Executive Director Nevada Association of Student Councils
His message was fresh and relevant to the students who were seventh graders through seniors in high school. His presentation was entertaining but NOT JUST entertaining. That is an important factor for me as we want to challenge and motivate our audience not just show them a good time. His stories left them wanting more as Patrick inspired them to become more than they ever thought or dreamed they could be.

...If you are looking for a young man that will relate to students and adults with a good message and will bring it each and every they can... Patrick Maurer is the right speaker for your event!
David Cherry
Assistant Executive Director & Kansas Student Council Director Kansas State High School Activities Association
Patrick is one of the best I have ever seen at connecting with and positively impacting high school students. He is a master at inserting humor, stories, and illustrations and just the right time. His presentation is fast paced, and his message is presented in a way that lets students know that he understand and relates to them and the situations they face. He also updates and keeps his presentation current. All these things give him great credibility with the students. They are glued to him and listen to every word, as he skillfully lets them know what a huge impact they have on others as they go about their daily lives.
Steve Phillips
Administrator Kentucky-Tennessee District of Key Club International
I highly recommend Patrick Maurer as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. He understands how to teach students, and his presentations are intentional, thoughtful, and genuine. Patrick is organized, gracious, smart, and kind; he brings all of these traits and more to his work of inspiring, motivating, and empowering young people.
Nicole McDermott
Assistant Administrator Capital District of Key Club International
Patrick is a professional who takes his role as a speaker seriously. He understands the great responsibility that comes with the ability to influence and engage our youth and I am proud to say that I've witnessed him use his powers for good!
Sara Nilles
Executive Director Oregon Association of Student Councils
On the day of the training, Patrick arrived early, and provided a full day of meaningful activities, insights, and a small group of breakout sessions. This allowed my students to come together as a team, developing common goals for the school year and breaking down some of their inhibitions with each other. In retrospect, that school year was one of the strongest I’ve ever experienced in ten years as the Activities Director. I feel one of the reasons that happened was because of the strong foundation Patrick helped to build that day.
Jeff Culver
Activities Director Quartz Hill High School
Patrick connected with the audience instantly—both young and old! His passion and ability to weave a story into the presentation, yet also to teach leadership lessons and skills to our group was one of the finest examples of keynoting I had seen. Our audience responded to him with enthusiasm, and as he ended, they gave him a standing ovation!
Terri Johnson
Executive Director Missouri Association of Student Councils
Patrick is easy to work with and the staff at Douglass Middle School was impressed with his friendly yet professional personality. I always enjoy working with Patrick and I am lucky to call him a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick Maurer to speak at any school and I will hire him again in the future!
Melissa Edsall
Activities Director -  Douglass Middle School
Bridging generations is a rare gift that is rarely seen in a motivational speaker and Patrick Maurer possesses it. With this gift and his other natural abilities, Patrick will wear well for the long-haul in his chosen career. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organization looking for an interesting, relevant and amusing motivational speaker.
Cleve Parker
Executive Director Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis International
The moment that Patrick Maurer arrived on campus I could tell that he was different than any guest speaker that we have had in the past. It was obvious that he was not presenting a canned presentation, but had addressed the needs that we had discussed prior to his arrival…. Patrick’s stories engaged students in laughter and silence as his hitting points were delivered. As an educational leader I was awestruck by his command.
Justin A Guzman
Vice Principal Bear River School