Patrick Maurer: Speaker, Entertainer, Educator.

See why Patrick has been so popular with audiences and why his programs are more than just entertainment.

Boots story.

As children we actively engage in so many pursuits, building confidence in our unique attributes, but as we age we tend to try to blend in more rather than stand out from the crowd. In this story, Patrick connects a lesson learned from a 5th grade field trip to the way in which we view and value our uniqueness, challenging us to engage once again so we can better lead. 

Rock climbing story.

As we strive to reach goals we’re going to hit obstacles, and it won’t be easy. In this hilarious crowd-please story, Patrick recounts his experience in a rock climbing course and how it relates to our own need to persevere and actively engage in our daily lives even when it is tough. 

Substitute teaching story.

We will all make mistakes and have bad days, but kindness can make those moments a little bit easier. In this hilarious story, Patrick recounts his worst day as a substitute teacher—you won’t believe how crazy the dominoes line up for him in this real life incident that was so amusing that the schools’ principal shared it at the next staff meeting.

Bungee jumping story.

Far too often we go to events, get excited, and then fail to initiate the necessary change. We let fear overwhelm us. In this story, Patrick describes his first time bungee jumping, our common struggle with our own fears, and lays down the challenge to take that first step to do positively impact our world.